Age: 26
The artist for Clover Patch studio! She started her art career back in 2018 and has worked tirelessly to become the success she is today! From comedian to cosplayer to artist to V-tuber, Grogda has done a lot in her life!

2012 - 2021
Gotcha Day: 4/14
Clover is the reason we are called Clover Patch Studio! She was always there to support Grogda in their hardest of times, as well as to quality check every single art creation made!


Charms & Pins

Other Creations


The other buns:

Gotcha Day: 12/12
Husbun to Sweet Pea!
New to the team, Heathcliff has BIG opinons! He works hard to make sure each piece of art passes his STRICT inspection. He spends his days napping in the office, making sure no one is slacking off!

Sweet Pea
Gotcha Day: 12/12
Bunwife to Heathcliff!
New to the team, Sweet Pea still has a lot to learn on how to be an art studio bun. For now she is much more interested in chewing up Grogda's business cards than offering any productive help.